Appalachian Ohio Mural Story Map Project

For the past few months, I have [intermittently] been working on a interesting story map project in my professional capacity. I invite you to check out the mural map here: 



Choose Your Transit

What fuels you? What drives you? Literally think about what gets you from place to place. Often we think of our car taking us from destination, but I believe we underestimate the power of our feet and legs. With the coming of spring, I've been spending more time on two wheels instead of four. Choosing my … Continue reading Choose Your Transit


Thanks for checking out my interwebs page. I plan on curating some articles, media, photos to share regarding everything that currently sparks my interest. Maps, tacos, craft-beer, water security, transportation initiatives - who knows where this will go! Hopefully you learn something along the way, gain a new perspective, and can offer some feedback and some of your thoughts. Keep your shoelaces tied.